Twelve reasons for selecting CF lenses

  1. Large metal lens barrel provides smooth operation of all controls and an assurance that the precise and accurate alignment of all lens elements is maintained.
  2. Every lens element is manufactured, multicoated, and assembled to a degree of precision other manufacturers use for critical scientific instruments only.
  3. Performance data are not factory secrets. The sharpness, acutance, and distortion for all Carl Zeiss lenses are documented, readily available, and guaranteed.
  4. Standardized 60mm filter and lens accessories mount on all lenses from 50 to 250mm focal length and SWC/M. Standardized 93mm filter and lens accessory mount on 40, 350, and 550mm CF lenses.
  5. Most modern shutter design developed through close cooperation between Hasselblad, Zeiss, and Prontor.
  6. The size of the shutter is matched to each lens for greatest accuracy and efficiency at all apertures and shutter speeds.
  7. CF lens operating controls are matched to those on F lenses.
  8. Accuracy and life expectancy further improved with large mainspring (used in the space taken up by the selftimer in C lenses).
  9. Aperture and shutter speed can be set independently for complete creative control or interlocked so either the aperture or the shutter speed sets itself automatically when the other is changed.
  10. "F" lens setting maintains the 2000 FC's instant return mirror benefits.
  11. Practical manual diaphragm stop down control.
  12. All shutter speeds up to 1/500 sec. synchronized automatically for electronic flash.

Source: "Hasselblad lenses. The sharpest edge in professional photography".

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