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Lenses found: 14
Ultra-wide angle prime lenses
Carl Zeiss Hologon 15mm F/8 fur Leica-MPro 1972 
Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm F/2.8 ZM E72Pro 2004 
Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm F/4 ZM E58Pro 2006 
Carl Zeiss C Biogon T* 21mm F/4.5 ZM E46Pro 2006 
Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 21mm F/2.8 ZM E46Pro 2004 
Wide-angle prime lenses
Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 25mm F/2.8 ZM E46 2004 
Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 28mm F/2.8 ZM E46 2004 
Carl Zeiss C Biogon T* 35mm F/2.8 ZM E43 2008 
Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 35mm F/2 ZM E43 2004 
ZEISS Distagon T* 35mm F/1.4 ZM E49 2014 
Standard prime lenses
Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F/2 ZM E43 2004 
Carl Zeiss C Sonnar T* 50mm F/1.5 ZM E46 2004 
Short telephoto prime lenses
Carl Zeiss Tele-Tessar T* 85mm F/4 ZM E43 2008 
Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 85mm F/2 ZM E58 2007 

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